Save Money on Group Travel Deals

Whether you’re planning a girlfriend getaway or a tour package for your church group, getting the best possible rates is important. All-inclusive travel deals are among the best options for traveling with a group. There’s no worry about leaving group members out of activities when everything is paid for in one lump sum. Not sure where to start? These suggestions can help start your planning process.

Best Tips for Budget Group Travel

Skip the Hotel

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Instead of booking hotel rooms for the group, dig a little deeper and find an affordable vacation house for rent near your destination. Renting a house for your vacation is extravagant when you’re on your own, but traveling with a group can make it very affordable because you’ll be splitting one cost instead of paying by the room. In addition, you’ll have the use of a kitchen so you can cook at the house instead of dining out at expensive restaurants. You’ll find vacation rental houses in nearly every city around the world, with choices that range from downtown homes and condos to villas at the beach or in the mountains.

Consider a Cruise

Cruises are the original all-in-one inclusive vacation, and they’re practically tailor-made for group travel. Most cruise lines offer group booking options, allowing you to save money by purchasing all of your cabins at once. You can also often request extra perks like private parties and dining discounts.

Check Out All-Inclusive Resorts

Many all-inclusive resorts also offer group pricing options. If you combine group pricing discounts with other money-saving measures, like booking in the off-season, you can save even more. When you book accommodations at an all-inclusive resort, your single price will include most of your meals, beverages and entertainment. And, like cruises, resorts are often willing to offer additional perks, like exclusive beach access for a period of time, to travelers who are booking as a group.

Look Into Group Airfare

If your vacation is going to include air travel to reach your destination, look into airlines that offer group airfare. In most cases, you’ll need a group of 10 or more traveling together, though some require as few as eight. Depending on the airline, the group travel policy may include discounted airfares, free airfares and other package options.

Time It Right

As noted before, when you book for a group during the off-season, you can usually also take advantage of off-season pricing. In fact, your discount when booking a group during the off-season may be even deeper than booking for just yourself or your famiy because you’re guaranteeing occupancy at a time that rooms are often vacant.

Poll the Group for Discounts

Before you make your final booking decisions, check with group members to see if any of them qualify for special rates or discounts based on professional organizations or other group memberships. If so, you could save even more.

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