How to Get the Best Honeymoon Deals for Spring and Summer Weddings

Your honeymoon memories may be priceless, but there’s no denying that your honeymoon will have a price tag attached. While it would be nice to shop for honeymoon deals as if price was no object, most of us don’t have that option. These tips can help you find the best honeymoon deals for your spring or summer wedding.

Honeymoon On the Beach

Yes, you can afford a Caribbean honeymoon vacation, especially in the spring or summer — off-season in the Caribbean. Your best budget Caribbean honeymoon bet is an all-inclusive spa/resort package. Aruba still offers some of the best honeymoon deals in the islands, with numerous all-inclusive resorts offering special amenities for honeymooners. When you book at the Tamarijn Aruba, for example, they’ll throw in a honeymoon bonus that includes a preferred location, guaranteed king-size bed, a bottle of champagne on arrival, a special remembrance gift and a candlelight dinner. You’ll also get a certificate for a free first night when you book a first anniversary vacation. Prices start at less than $1,500 for a 4-night stay.

Cruise Honeymoon

If you’re willing to take a chance or can be flexible, you can often get amazing deals on honeymoon cruises. Check out the last-minute cruise deals listings at a website like to find cabin rates as much as 85% off the regular brochure rate. Imagine booking a 7-night Bermuda cruise on Norwegian that lists in the brochure for $1,999 — and only paying $599 per person. That’s the kind of savings you’ll realize if you’re willing to book your honeymoon a little closer to your honeymoon date.

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

If adventure and exotic destinations spell romance to you, a safari honeymoon may be the perfect honeymoon package for you. You can easily spend a fortune on a safari honeymoon, but it doesn’t have to be that expensive. One of our favorite travel bookers is Responsible Travel, which books holidays throughout the world and operates on the principle of responsible tourism. Their offerings include budget safari holidays starting as low as 360 USD (159 Euros). Responsible travel lets you cut your costs even further with a Honeymoon Gift List service that makes it easy for friends and family to contribute to your honeymoon fund.
Cozy Honeymoon Packages

Embrace romance — and save money — with a bed and breakfast honeymoon package in your favorite destination. Enjoy a jazzy weekend getaway honeymoon in New Orlenas for about $400 per person or bask in the beauty of Puerto Vallarta for as little as $99 a night. B&B honeymoons offer cozy, familiar comfort you won’t find in a traditional hotel. In most cases, you’ll have a beautiful room and access to many onsite amenities, as well as a full breakfast prepared for you onsite — all at prices lower than most budget hotels.

Your honeymoon should be unforgettable — but you don’t have to spend a fortune for priceless memories. Explore your options to save money without compromising romance.


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